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Let's get you where you want be. 

It is my mission and great joy to
support courageous-hearted women,
who are finally ready to  

unburden their past hurts,

rediscover sensuality, 
and live from their true Self. 

I offer an expertly held, non-judgemental space
where you can explore,    

and (actually) heal the past 
with compassion and understanding. 
You will find your way back to inner trust and
delight in reuniting with your calm confident Self
that has been there all along. 

The life and love you want is on the other side of trauma. 
I've been there and I can show you the path out. 

Let's go. 


With Internal Family Systems therapy we gently wade into your inner world and meet the "parts" of your system. 

You'll discover your inner leader, and healer. The  core essence of  YOU that is compassionate, creative, and connected. 

When you understand yourself on a deeper level, you get clarity, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

 All the guilt and confusion of :

"what is wrong with me??" is finally released through care and understanding. 

emotional healing

With trauma, echoes of the past inform our present experience,  

usually preventing us from being present at all. 

Emotional and trauma healing clears a path to freedom from outdated stories and beliefs. 

When tending to past wounds and emotional fears, we tread gently,

with awareness and care. 

When these painful beliefs are unburdened, space is cleared to step into the fullness of who you are. 


Simply put, we heal the past to live more fully in the present.

The resulting aliveness ripples out to all your relations. 

sensual embodiment

Sensual embodiment is about coming home to your body, and embracing emotion, and sensation

with presence and acceptance.

It's about awakening to the beauty and pleasure of your body and how this awakening will nourish you. 

We might explore movement,

breath, touch, sound, where

you'll be invited to reconnect to your body's wisdom and reclaim your right to sensual well-being and joy.

It's a journey of re-membering

and empowerment, where you learn

it's not only safe to be in your body,

it's deeply pleasurable.

And pleasure is healing. 

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