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I discovered the path of embodiment 9 years ago,

and I've been supporting bodies & psyches to heal and transform ever since- including my own! 


I believe we can reclaim our inherent state of wholeness by shifting our attention inside, and learning to navigate with great care, and with great support.

It is my mission and great joy to work with those ready to meet themselves deeply in the landscape of inner intimacy.


We cannot change what happened, but we can change how it's held in our system, offering more freedom in our everyday lives. I am a living example of how this work can liberate and shift stuck places.

Through a variety of tools and modalities such as: 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) - Level 1 Trained

Somatic Sexuality Coaching 

Somatic IFS

The Wheel of Consent™

Tantric practices (breath, movement, sound, meditation, touch)

I help clients connect to their inner source of knowing, creating more confidence and ease in their lives.

Whether working with individuals or with groups, my approach is heart centered, present, and inspired by the healing power of pleasure. 

I am deeply and forever grateful to all my Teachers and Beloveds.

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