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Welcoming the Body

is a restorative workshop,

 where we explore the body as a resource

through movement, meditation, and connection,

in community.

What does it mean to connect to the body's potential for nourishment?




During our time together we will explore embodiment from the inside out.

Using the energy centers as a road map,

we'll go for a walk.... on the inside! 




Through guided meditation, movement,

as well as solo and partnered exercises,

the invitation is to: 

• connect to your root (even if you don't know what that means, yet!)

•  meet your breath as a form of nourishment

• discover your inner 'yes' and 'no'

• learn the ingredients for a conscious pleasure practice 



Glitter Circle_edited.png
Glitter Circle_edited.png
Glitter Circle_edited.png
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