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Yoni Meditation

is an exploration of your most sacred terrain.

What is it like to walk in the world

with this magnificent landscape?

Many of us were raised

with mixed messages about our genitals,

leaving us feeling disconnected

from our very wellspring of potency.





This three hour workshop for adult women

is an invitation to:

remember, reconnect, and reclaim

your power source.


​Join us for an afternoon of gentle embodiment,

sharing and learning.

In an exquisitely held space,

we will delve into intimate anatomy education 

and guided states of connection.



The invitation is to breathe deeply as we:

 ~explore embodied exercises

~learn shame-free intimate anatomy

~relax into guided meditation

~ experience community in circle



Find yourself welcome and reflected

in a circle of women,

curious and ready to enter into relationship

with their sacred source of power.


**this is a clothes-on workshop

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